The Asian Beauty Problem. My buddy Megan.

My pal Megan is, by old-fashioned criteria, gorgeous. Her locks gleams, she tiptoes exactly in danger between svelte and skinny that is bean-pole the finesse of a dancer, and she’s that agreed-upon indicator of Tumblr “thinspiration” perfection, the unattainable “thigh space, ” without also attempting.

It is a positive thing megan is gorgeous, because she’s to be. She Actually Is Chinese.

I would ike to rephrase: for several that the alleged “model minority” has made gains in academic attainment, income degree, or general general public respect in the usa, we now have done shockingly little to proactively throw away antiquated opinions on sex and real attractiveness — the sort of opinions that kept ladies’ legs bound through to the early twentieth century. Today, Asian-American girls aren’t mincing around on maimed foot. Rather, they are quietly struggling with consuming problems, undergoing radical plastic cosmetic surgery procedures to look more “Westernized” and having to pay a huge cost for the collective failure to embrace an Asian-American culture it doesn’t worship beauty as all-important.

For females like Megan — affluent, American-born ethnic Chinese — visiting Asia as a teenager brings along with it a unique rites of passage, like planning to studios that simply just take heavily Photoshopped “glamour shots. ” In a number of of Megan’s pictures, she wears a frilly gown and pouts while keeping a packed animal nearly bigger than by herself. Cuteness that edges on infantilization is typical in Asian pop music tradition — look up “aegyo” or “kawaii” and you will see countless examples from Korea and Japan. The pretty, aegyo, or kawaii woman is pouty, submissive and ultra-feminine.