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Your job as a lawyer is to analyze precedent, not just repeat it. Thus, your writing should explain to your reader why and how a precedent is important to your client.

Using A Quote Within A Quote

  • After all, the thinking goes, the judge must know the best way to express the law.
  • Be careful to avoid quoting excessively; paraphrase whenever possible.
  • Your job as a lawyer is to analyze precedent, not just repeat it.
  • New law students sometimes believe, incorrectly, that they should always quote a judge’s words.

A properly placed quotation can articulate your position and provide substantiation at the same time. Most often a quotation is taken from the literature, but also sentences from a speech, scenes from a movie, elements of a painting, etc. may be quoted if they further the argument you’re trying to make. Review the flow and organization of the lead-in. Once you have introduced the quote in your paper properly, read it out loud to confirm it flows with the rest of the content. Check that the sentence fits within the rest of the paragraph.

How Do I Embed A Quotation Into A Sentence?

It is NOT a series of direct quotations strung together. Research papers require you to not only “research,” but to synthesize or blend together your own words and ideas with those of other people. You don’t want to go to all the work of finding awesome sources, only to have the quotes fall flat once they are incorporated into the paper. You need to maintain a coherent flow, meaning your paper should read, once outside source material is incorporated, as a unified piece of writing. Unfortunately it’s quite common for a paper to go from a focused piece of writing to a jumble of competing voices. When incorporating sources, research must be integrated into your own writing smoothly, introduced completely, and synthesized fully.

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The Writing Center

As writers use facts, ideas, and quotations from the writing of others, they must integrate these into and within their own ideas. While it is buy dissertation thesis online important to cite your sources, it is also important that you integrate the information itself into your writing in an appropriate manner.

To Quote Or To Paraphrase?

The citations, throughout, are a foundational element, showing the reader how your argument developed and why you think as you do about the subject. Let those whose shoulders you’re standing on support you, but don’t let them take over. When writing a paper, it is important to avoid vague generalizations, especially when it comes to characterizing the thoughts of others, whether they hold similar or contrary positions to your own. Catch-all phrases such as “critics say” or “is widely regarded as” are vague and unconvincing because they have no basis for verification.

This allows the reader to look at the list of works cited to see the complete publication information. Another reason is to save direct quotations for impact. In all other instances, paraphrasing will move the narrative along much more smoothly, tying it to your own style along the way. The revision process will be helpful in this regard. You’ll notice if your paper plods from one quote to another, overwhelming the reader with other people’s words. You’ll also notice whether it seems less than authoritative and needs the backing of direct quotes.

words to introduce a quote

Taking outside research and sticking a quote in where you think it sounds good is a sure sign you either don’t understand the research, are a lazy writer, or both. However, overusing direct quotes, or using very long quotes, actually shows that you have not done your homework and only copied quotes to make it seem you understand the material. An effective paraphrase or summary is often more effective than a direct quote and shows you understand the material. In some cases one can avoid direct quotation by paraphrasing the quote–that is, by restating what the author says in one’s own words . In-text citations using either signal phrases or parenthetical references document material from other sources. Signal phrases introduce the material, often including the author’s name.

words to introduce a quote

Use Punctuation Marks In Combination With Ellipses When Removing Material From The End Of Sentences Or Clauses

Be careful to avoid quoting excessively; paraphrase whenever possible. New law students sometimes believe, incorrectly, that they should always quote a judge’s words. After all, the thinking goes, the judge must know the best way to express the law. However, excessive quotation is a poor substitute for analysis.

Use “double quotation marks” to indicate the secondary source, and ‘single quotation marks’ to indicate the quote itself. You may also need Accounting Assignment Help to include a parenthetical citation after the author’s surname. A research paper blends your own ideas and information from expert sources.