Let me make it clear more about How many times can I text my crush?

You should text your crush, and how to keep a girl interested, it’s important to first consider the nature and depth of your existing relationship when it comes to how often. Is she a friend that you spend time with in “real life”? Is she somebody you came across on a dating that is online and you also haven’t yet met in person? each of a role will be played by these elements in how often you’ll be texting your crush. So, if you’re thinking, “how frequently must I text my crush?” you need certainly to very very carefully give consideration to those facets. The important thing is always to maintain the speed, the subjects, additionally the discussion all together natural and nice. Don’t force it. Allow the relationship grow naturally. And attempt to not overdo it and that means you aren’t viewed as a pest. In the event that you don’t have anything to state, don’t send a note. Rather, opt for quality rather than volume. Carefully study the individual you might be coping with; her personality trait along with other facets are essential. Some may want to take their time before opening up to proximity or close friendship while some people may not mind occasional checking up from a new friend.

You, i.e., you have built your friendship to a certain level of trust, then, you can text her every day when you have succeeded in making your crush feel comfortable with and around.